Patterns are everywhere. On the clothes you wear. The plates you eat from. And on the curtains you close at night. These daily used products deserve a pretty pattern! Dieuwertje van de Moosdijk can help you make your product look beautiful. Dieuwertje is a surface pattern designer specializing in floral prints & designs for children. She’s mainly working for clients in interior design (textile, bedding, wallpaper, and tableware), but also works for the stationery market and the fashion industry. Before starting her freelance career, Dieuwertje worked as a print designer at Oilily, a colourful Dutch fashion brand. Her patterns always have a handmade base: they’re drawn, painted or stamped, and are characterized by a simple, somewhat naive look. Come have a walk in her pretty pattern garden, filled with flowers, plants and animals.








My whole life I’ve been surrounded by beautiful patterns. On the antique tiles my father collected. On the ceramics my mother kept buying (it didn’t matter if something was broken, it only meant we could buy something new). On the beautiful fabrics by Laura Ashley en Liberty that were used everywhere in our house. On the huge collection of floral cards we had at home. And on the William Morris wrapping paper we wrapped our presents in. Trained as a ceramist and text writer, and after having made collages for six years, I finally started designing patterns myself. What a joy! First I started working as a print designer at the wonderful brand Oilily World. Since 2014 I have been working as a freelance surface pattern designer for various clients in the home industry, stationery and fashion world. Working from my Amsterdam garden studio, I’m surrounded by what inspires me the most: everything that grows, flies and moves in nature.

Would you like to have a sneak peek in my home, garden and studio? Read this interview in the Dutch country life magazine Landidee (pdf): reportage dieuwertjemaakt Landidee juni-juli 2015


Would you like to have a chat, know more about working with me or see the available designs in my portfolios? Send me an email at or call me at +31 (0)6 24718899

My designs are available for licensing, which means you are allowed to use the design for a specific product group, a fixed territory and period of time. Some designs can be sold outright, be it separate or in a design collection. You then own the rights to use the design on as many products as you please. I also work on commission base and create a bespoke design. All my designs are digitalised in Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator. They can easily be adjusted in size and colour to suit your specific product needs. As I design for multiple markets and products, I’m familiar with the specific design and repeat requirements for most products. All designs can be made in different colourways and matching coordinate patterns are available to form collections.




At last, spring has come. My garden needs taking care of, my feet are yearning for slippers. But also in-house many things are growing. You can read about it here in my newsletter.


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