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November flowers

Now that we’ll see less and less flowers in nature let’s put them on our bicycle bags. My magnolia print for Basil is featured on many bags, bicycle bells and saddle covers and soon available over here. Not only in poppy red, but also in stylish grey with pastels, blackberry and teal blue. Read more about my work in my november newsletter.


BASIL bicycle bags

For my client Basil I designed a floral print for bicycle bags. A print that had to visible from 20 metres distance and attract different client groups. We chose the magnolia as it is such a breathtaking flower that will surely grab your attention. The very solid and waterproof bags are available in different shapes and colour ways and available at the beginning of November 2017.

hand painted Japanese porcelain

News in september

Whether it’s a traditional dyeing or embroidery technique or handcrafted porcelain: I find Japan absolutely inspiring. See what designs it inspired me to make it in my september newsletter over here.


Roses everywhere

Roses were in bloom everywhere in my garden this past month. See what it inspired me to make over here in my July newsletter.

papaver somniferum design

Papaver addiction

Working on my new wallpaper collection, it all starts in and around my garden. This morning I am testing the colourways of my giant papaver somniferum wallpaper design. Drop me a line if you would like to see my wallpaper collection. Or have a look at my Instagram account to see what I’m working on right now.