Chocolate wrapper design

Any excuse to do something with chocolate is a good one, I find. Here‘s how to make your own chocolate wrapper design. Don’t eat the chocolate straight away, but give it as a present to your mother, or someone dear.

Decorated cutlery with flowers

Decorated cutlery

In a predominantly male household I am the only one fond of a beautifullylaid table. I’d love to use fresh flowers, antique crockery & wine glasses and a floral table cloth every day. That’s far too much hassle, according to my men. I’ve found the perfect solution: use decorated cutlery and fabric napkins made of my favorite Liberty & Laura Ashley fabrics. I have some pretty floral patterns to look at, while they have it as functional as can be (…)

Floral cutlery

Luckily one of my clients, Bunzlau Castle, has produced this lovely cutlery with my flowers on it, matching the storage jars I designed for them in 2016. There are six different designs to choose from. You can buy them per piece and thus arrange your own collection of decorated cutlery. Have a look over here to find a store.

floral bedding design by dieuwertje van de moosdijk


While the remaining flowers in my garden can be counted on two hands, there are many May flowers in bloom in my designs. Read about it here


And it’s autumn. I harvest my apples, pears, hazelnuts and have collected quite a lot of flower seeds. Dried flowers from my garden are now appearing in new patterns. read about it here