Ceramics designs


Something I enjoy every morning: drinking my caffe latte from a beautifully decorated earthenware bowl. In the evening I like to set my table with a pretty table cloth (but most times the men in my household prevent me from doing so). As a fervent gardener, there are always freshly picked garden flowers in a vase. For one of my favorite brands – Bunzlau Castle – I regularly make designs for ceramics, storage jars, cutlery and plaids. The designs are inspired by Bunzlau Castle’s beautiful pottery, which is all hand made and hand decorated. The products are for sale in various stores in the Netherlands or can be ordered online if you’re living outside the Netherlands. Check the store locator over here.

If you would like to know how my ceramics designs could work on your tableware, please tell me, I’d love to visualise my work on your products.


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