Out now: Flora Japonica

Tokyo Design Studio has introduced Flora Japonica, the porcelain crockery I designed for them. This porcelain collection is inspired by Dutch botanists bringing back new plant species from Japan, centuries ago. It is all about exploring and admiring Japanese flora. National treasures like the fine-leaved maple, the heart-shaped katsura, pretty white pine trees and one of the oldest trees on earth, the ginkgo biloba, have found a place in our collection. Amidst these wonderful trees you’ll find another Japanese phenomenon: the dancing cranes. Do you share my love for Japanese nature? 

Flora Japonica consists of porcelain plates, bowls, a teapot and cups in various sizes. Each product is made with love in Japan, dishwasher-proof and safe to use in a microwave. Buy online over here or go see the collection at De Bijenkorf in the Netherlands.


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